Steve Donohoe in Chico, California

steve donohoe

Beekeeper and Author

Steve and his wife Elaine, both graduates of the University of Sussex, started and successfully grew a mental health business in the UK, which they sold in 2015. Three years earlier, he had taken up beekeeping as a hobby, but now Steve had a lot more time on his hands. Beekeeping became an obsession.

After reading many of the beekeeping classics, old and new, Steve realised that the one book he desperately wanted to read didn’t exist. He believes that the best way to become great at something is to study and learn from the people who are already great at that thing, whatever it is. It works in business and sports; why not beekeeping?

The idea for an exciting but daunting project was born, to track down some of the big names in the beekeeping world, to interview them and observe what they do up close. A happy consequence of this plan was that Steve had an excuse to travel around the world, soaking up different climates and cultures. That’s what he did from 2017 to 2019, and the book, “Interviews with Beekeepers,” was the result.

Steve and Elaine live in Manchester, England and have three adult children. Clíona and Alexander accompanied Steve on his travels, and Isla designed the cover of the book and created the illustrations. Elaine runs indie book publisher ZunTold, so the book is very much a family collaboration.

Steve regularly posts his musings on life, the universe and beekeeping on his blog, “the walrus and the honeybee.” He’s the walrus.