Cheshire Based Beekeeper

My gentle and productive bees do their work at apiaries in East Cheshire.

I aim to work with the bees, helping to keep them vigorous and healthy, so that they thrive and make plenty of delicious honey.

Much depends on the weather, but all being well I sell the following:




It’s a small scale operation (just me) and I do this because I love it.


What We Do

Breeder Queen
Breeder Queen

Throughout the summer I raise open mated queens from my own best stock. Occasionally I buy in breeder queens from trusted sources.

Walrus Honey
Walrus Honey

I produce runny and soft-set honey which I harvest, extract, filter and jar myself. It’s a natural and delicious product – just pure honey straight from the hive.

Nucleus Colony
Nucleus Colony

In the spring I am able to sell a limited number of over wintered nucleus colonies which are ready to get going early. I also sell current season nucs in summer.