Bees Queens and honey

See this video of my bees on apple blossom

About my Bees

I raise queens using either a bought in breeder queen from a reputable source or my own best stock. This season (2020) one of my main breeders is a Buckfast Queen from Dr. Peter Stöfen in Germany. I also have excellent queens from Murray McGregor of Denrosa Apiaries (Carniolans) and Peter Little of Exmoor Bees and beehives (Buckfast). My bees are gentle and productive. The daughters of my breeder queens are open mated with local drones and usually I’m really happy with them. If I get an unduly defensive colony I will replace the queen and destroy any drone comb in the hive. Most people who have handled my bees agree that they are a pleasure to work with.

Nucleus Colonies

5 Frames on National or Langstroth in a correx bee box: £200

Please contact me to arrange collection from Red House Farm near Dunham Massey, Cheshire


One gorgeous marked queen: £35

In an extra large travel cage with plenty of workers to keep her happy

By post or collection


Walrus Honey is a truly delicious natural product taken straight from my bees and cold filtered to preserve the aroma and flavour. On sale at Waugh Brow Farm Shop near Mobberley and Red House Farm near Dunham Massey although stocks are limited.